Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Hero Behind the Wheel

99% of the time, when a commercial truck is mentioned in the news, it is to bash the trucking industry in general. They never mention the safety record of the industry. They never mention that 95% of the accidents that commercial trucks are involved in are not the fault of the professional driver involved, but that of the other driver(s). They don't mention that if all vehicles had to be inspected as thoroughly as commercial trucks, there would certainly be a lot less vehicles on the road. Generally speaking, commercial vehicles are the safest, best maintained and well driven vehicles on the road. This story is one of the few exceptions to the rule...

David Virgoe: 48 years old, Veteran driver with 26 years experience behind the wheel, Perfect safety record, Won numerous awards for his safety awareness. Died June 18,2007 while avoiding a packed minivan after being cut off by suspected street racers on Hwy 400 near Toronto.

Mr. Virgoe had to make a split second decision. In the back of his mind he knew he could hit the minivan and easily survive the ensuing collision. He knew if he did so, he would certainly seriously injure if not kill the occupants of that minivan and perhaps others on the highway. He also knew that by avoiding the minivan, he was taking a bigger risk regarding his own fate. Mr. Vigroe chose the latter of the two as I suspect most professional drivers would.

Which reminds me of a very old song...

Phantom 309 By Red Sovine

On the other side of this story we have three young men showing off and trying to show each other who is the fastest and best driver.

From CTV

Three men face 11 charges relating to the crash that shut down the major north-south highway for more than 12 hours on Monday.

Prabhjit Multani, 20, and Nauman Nusrat, 19, appeared in a Barrie courthouse Tuesday to face charges including dangerous driving causing death and dangerous driving while racing.

Turns out that none of them know how to drive at all. Nor should any of them ever be allowed to drive again. Period, end of discussion!

In another story related to this one is a pathetic example of drivers rage
The stabbing took place in the afternoon on Canal Road, where traffic was being diverted around the accident scene.

After being stuck in a traffic jam for hours, it is believed two men got into an argument.

One man was stabbed and was later air-lifted to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

IDIOTS! enough said...

David Virgoe, may the highway to heaven be paved with gold, have no pot holes, plenty of truck stops for you to get a good cup of joe, no weigh scales, and nothing but sunny skies. You sir, are a hero. Keep On Truckin'

My heartfelt condolences to Mr. Virgoe's family and friends.


Robertr Virgoe said...

David Virgoe is my nephew. We had worked together for many years and he was without a doubt the best driver I have ever encountered, a professional in every sense.
He was also a very special human being, and if you had ever met him you would know what I mean. It does not suprise me that he would sacrifice himself for others, he was a true "White Knight"

We have all heard of the saying "young and reckless" but these young men were racing on a crowded highway, with absolutely no regard for anyone else,including their passengers,were criminal in their actions and intent. How can these young men, I assume are college students, afford their new fancy cars? I know!..... THE PARENTS=50%(blame)..maybe!! What are they studying? Ignorance101...I bet!

I'm seeing too much of this, every time I am out in my car. What gives them the right to put my life and the lives of my loved ones in jeopardy?

When is it going to STOP! Perhaps with your nephew,or a family member.When are politicians and citizens going to say enough? I won't allow this to continue!

I also believe that the auto makers can/should build cars with engines proportionate to the vehicle. Eliminate the so-called "muscle car" straight-out. The day and age of high-powered automobiles is asinine, as fossil-fuels become scarce so does the reasoning of auto makers who continue to design "gas guzzlers".

Tim said...

Thank you Robert for stopping by and commenting. I understand your frustration. I too was a truck driver that saw way too many stupid idiots doing things that could only make you shake your head. I got out of the business for many reasons, but one was certainly drivers attitudes. I still do a fair amount of driving in my current job. I still shake my head watching people race from one red light to the next. Everyone seems in a very big hurry to go nowhere.

I will disagree with you on one point though...

I cannot blame vehicle manufacturers anymore than I can blame the makers of guns for the death of anyone. The humans that control either are the problem. We have to get away from the "me" attitude that seems to have taken over society and get back to the "we" generation.

Again my heart felt condolences to your family.