Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Russian Logic

Suggests that Canada could annex all of Russia and the whole of Eurasia for that matter...

From The Guardian
Kremlin lays claim to huge chunk of oil-rich North Pole

[...] According to Russian scientists, there is new evidence backing Russia's claim that its northern Arctic region is directly linked to the North Pole via an underwater shelf. [...]

Everyone knows that the north pole is Canadian territory. It even has a Canadian postal code. H0H 0H0... also you may note that Santa wears red and white, Canadian colours... not red white and blue... the colours of those other countries. You may also want to note that Santa has a black belt and is not afraid to kick your sorry commie asses!

All I can say to the Russians is... "Over our dead cold Canadian bodies"



Chimera said...

Ah...only the magnetic north pole is in Canadian territory -- most of the time. It wanders around the top of the globe, chatting with seals and polar bears, and dragging Santa's house behind it like a trailer. The true north pole is under a whole lot o' damned cold water!

"Over our dead cold Canadian bodies"

Ya just couldn't resist bringing sex into it, couldja?

Tim said...

Next your gonna try and tell me that Santa and the Easter Bunny ain't real!

If my quote makes you think of sex... You have much bigger problems than I, thats for sure...

Chimera said...

Hehehehehe...if Santa ain't real, who lives in his house?