Saturday, June 09, 2007

Stupid is

What stupid does... Can anyone explain to me why anyone would build a community in an area that is prone to disasters? There are reasons that way back when, the native peoples of North America, placed their camps where they did.

They knew that certain area's had problems. Maybe not today. Not next week. Maybe not this year even. They knew from the past that certain area's were just not a good place to live. Even for the short term, never mind permanently. They would never make camp on a flood plain. They would never make camp in the lowest part of a valley. They would never make camp in area's covered by water They would never make camp at the bottom of a mountain that rumbled. They would never make camp on ground that shook.

By now I would hope you get my point. So when, and why on earth would we decide that we could safely build permanent communities in these area's? Is it worth the risk? Why would we rebuild those same communities after they are ruined by natural disasters that are bound to happen again? Are we truly that stupid? As far as I am concerned, as I sit in my relatively well situated home high above the river valley, anyone that choses to live in area's prone to natural disasters are on their own. It is your choice to be their. Don't whine and expect the tax payers to foot the bill to help you rebuild and have the same happen time and time again. Maybe if you are lucky, it is only a one hundred year event that most likely won't effect you personally again. Maybe not. Is it really worth the risk not to mention the stress and headaches it causes?


Chimera said...

"...why on earth would we decide that we could safely build permanent communities in these area's?"

Because the human animal, in all his hubris, truly believes that he can, by sheer force of wanting it to be so, override Mother Nature in all her abilities!

*God* told him he could. And, despite all the trouble it causes him, he always listens to *god*...

I really like the new look, too. Very readable. Good luck finding your lost bits.

Tim said...

The "human animal" cannot and will not ever win a battle with Mother Nature. We can try to control her but when we piss her off enough... SHIT HAPPENS! Usually in a big way.

Thanks for your input on the new look.
As much as I like green... it was starting to get to me. I also like the fact that this template allows me to use all of the screens real estate without getting too cluttered. I did manage to dig up everything I had lost. Good thing I do not delete much of anything on my computer!