Monday, June 11, 2007

Only in Quebec

Not surprisingly, some "we know better than you types" have sent out some letters to members of the Canadian Forces in Quebec. The letter suggests that the members of the Van Doos should break the law and turn their backs on their fellow soldiers.

Via CTV (Canadian Press)

[...] The first of about 3,000 letters mailed by antiwar protesters are expected to start showing up in neighbourhoods around the military base in Valcartier, Que., home to the Royal 22nd Regiment.

More than 2,000 Van Doos, as they're known, are scheduled to depart for Afghanistan beginning in August.

"You can refuse to participate in this war,'' says the missive, mailed last week by four Quebec-based antiwar groups. [...]

I very much doubt that any of the soldiers that receive this mail out will take it seriously. I'm not even sure that it will make it to the recycle bin as it absolutey belongs in the garbage!

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