Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hey Al Gore

How long will it take for you to update "An Inconvenient Truth" to resemble some truth?

More bad news for Gore. Even less of his so called "documentary" is the truth. It would be more suitable in the fiction section. There was more factual material in an episode of Gilligan's Island than there is in Al's movie.

Kilimanjaro not a victim of climate change, UW scientist says

[...] On Kilimanjaro, ice loss seems to be driven by two factors: a lack of snowfall and sublimation, the same process that causes freezer burn by sucking moisture out of leftovers.

Researchers believe Kilimanjaro's glaciers formed about 11,000 years ago, when the region was undergoing a period of wet weather that allowed snow to accumulate. But even before the first Europeans reached the summit in 1889, the weather has been dry in Eastern Africa. There simply hasn't been enough snowfall to keep up with the loss of ice due to sublimation, Kaser explained. [...]

Slowly but surely the tide is moving in the right direction. Eventually we might even get the to the whole truth. Its all about the money. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Candace said...

I think you mean it belongs in the "fiction" section?

Love the new look! Amazing what a rainy weekend can do.

Tim said...

Ooooopps. You are correct Candace. Me goofed. Fiction it is!

It was more the sick dog that caused this change than the rain.

ABFreedom said...

Glaciers melt?... who knew ... guess that's why there's not 30 feet of ice over my head from the last ice age ... Gore is An Inconvenient Twit who intends to rake in the dough on carbon credits from this scam.....

Tim said...

Glaciers melt and weather changes as does the planets climate.... always has and always will. Common sense shall prevail... just maybe not in our life time... *sigh*