Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Want A Refund

and I want it now. Talk about being over taxed! Governments of all levels in Canada managed to gather 29 Billion more tax dollars than they required, according to STATS Canada. Thats 29 Billion with a B people. 29 with nine zeros following it. This is not chump change...

Based on the Canadian population clock, this works out to roughly $880.49 for every man woman and child in Canada. Keep in mind that a big chunk of that population pay no taxes at all, so the actual amount over payed by "tax payers" is even higher than this amount.

Now to be fair, this country has a huge debt. If this surplus was being put directly towards paying off that debt, or if I at least saw some value for my money, I would not be as pissed off as I am about this. Driven around on Edmonton's roads lately? Its a disgrace...

It does not help that my property taxes went up by 13.5%, compliments of Alberta's "market value assessment" and a 4.95% tax hike by the city of Edmonton.

What do you think my employer would tell me if I demanded a 13.5% raise?

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