Saturday, February 09, 2008

Influencing minds one song at a time

Music cannot change the world, says Neil Young

Canadian folk rock legend Neil Young said he has lost all hope that music can change the world, as he presented a documentary about his 2006 anti-war concert tour at the Berlin film festival on Friday.

"I know that the time when music could change the world is past. I really doubt that a single song can make a difference. It is a reality," Young told reporters.
Don't get too down on your mission in life Neil. There is some hope left. You have managed to influence at least one mind...
An Ohio mayor had a stern order for a company of Marine Corps Reservists: Get out.

The Toledo Blade reports that Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner ordered the Marines out Friday as their buses were arriving for a three-day training mission in the city, where they have periodically trained since 2004.

The 200 Marines, based in Grand Rapids, Mich., had planned to participate in urban patrol exercises in downtown streets and a vacant building, according to the Blade, which reports that past exercises have included mock gun fights, ambushes and the firing of blank ammunition to simulate urban combat.

Finkbeiner said that would be alarming.

"The mayor asked them to leave because they frighten people," Brian Schwartz, the mayor's spokesman, told the newspaper. "He did not want them practicing and drilling in a highly visible area."

I wonder if the mayor thinks that it is 1970 and that Nixon is the president?



DazzlinDino said...

Amazing song writer.....and proof that the best singer doesn't always win, just like American Idol.....

As an individual, I think it would be cool as hell to have the military running around my city like that, but as a mayour, I kinda see where he's coming from.

Is it my imagination, or are there more guys on the BE blogroll?

Tim said...

"Amazing song writer.....and proof that the best singer doesn't always win, just like" Bob Dylan!...

I do admit I own pretty much every piece of vinyl Neil has put out... damn I am dating myself once again... I have not wasted my money on anything he has done after "Neil Young and the shocking pinks" album in 1983 "Everybody's Rockin". That was strange enough. After that he really started losing it big time.

As far as this mayor goes... if these troops have been doing this very thing since 2004 why is it just now that it is frightening? Why wasn't it frightening to the poor people in Toledo in 2004, 2005, 2006 or 2007?

I will bet you my next pay cheque that this mayor does not vote republican...

If the BE Blogroll has more blogs on it, you should know as you are the only one who can add them! I noticed that there are a few duplications now that you mention it... Is the code buggered? Get on it will you...