Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We think for Canada


BC government introduces its tax payers to a new socialist shell game.

Ms. Taylor said the carbon tax will be revenue neutral, meaning the government will not use money generated from the tax to fill its coffers. The carbon tax revenue, estimated to hit $1.8-billion over three years, will be returned to taxpayers through personal income tax and business tax cuts, she said.

So let me get this straight... Ms. Taylor is going to tax everyone for using carbon fuels and then she is going to give that money back to everyone. Why does this sound familiar? Why do I get the feeling that those who put the least into this "carbon tax fund" will get the most back from it? I think I see how this is gonna work. Perhaps Ms. Taylor should change her name to Robin... Robin Hood to be exact. She is gonna take from the rich to give to the poor. Or at least that is how she will portray it. It will be the middle income people that will get hit the worst as usual. They will be the ones supplementing the income of the ones who are entitled to their entitlements. Why work and pay taxes when the government will give you money for nothing and injection sites for free!


Thunderstick said...

Not tootin' my own horn, but look at my blog to see my reply to the carbon tax. You might appreciate it

Tim said...

Thanks for popin by...

I took a look and it is perfect! lol