Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stephane Dion is still not a leader

All you have to do is read the headlines....

Crime bill passes in Liberal-dominated Senate

The Conservative government's crime bill narrowly passed in the Liberal-dominated Senate on Wednesday, avoiding an election showdown over the issue.

The bill, which now only needs the governor general's approval to be made into law, passed 19-16, with most Liberal senators abstaining.

Why do we pay these people? Out of 91 senators, only 35 could be bothered to vote on this issue? Get rid of these unelected trough feeders already.

Budget puts Liberals in uncomfortable position
Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Stephane Dion's criticisms of the budget are meaningless, because the Liberal leader has said he wants to avoid an election and won't vote against the document.

"When he comes and makes ferocious attacks on a budget he has every intention to allow to pass, he simply has no credibility in those attacks," Harper said during question period Wednesday.

I don't need to add any more comments on that one. PMSH summed it up very well.

And the best one for last... Maybe... just maybe... even the CBC has realized how dead this horse is and even they can't back it any more... Nahhhhh it simply slipped by the editors me thinks...

'We'll find a way to not defeat the government': Dion
Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion said Wednesday that his party won't defeat the government on the federal budget, but also won't vote in favour of it.

"We'll find a way to not defeat the government and to express our disagreement with this budget," Dion said after a caucus meeting in Ottawa.

He said the Liberals will still have an amendment, but the party has decided not to take the government down in a vote of confidence over the budget.

HUH? Call me confused... The budget is ALWAYS a confidence vote. The NDP and BLOC have already stated that they will not vote in favour of it. If the Liberals are not voting in favour of it then we are off to an election Dion, it is that simple. Oh wait. I have to put my Dion translator on... one moment please... thats better. Dion is not saying his party will vote against the budget. He is saying that they will abstain from voting yet again, to avoid defeating the government and causing an election. This, even though they have serious problems with this budget. That is what you Liberals call leadership? How much longer can the Liberals sit back and watch this circus continue before a coup d’├ętat?


DazzlinDino said...

It's insane. "We just cannot abide by this budget, it's totaly wrong for Canadians, that's why we have to vote to pass it".

In laymans terms it comes out as "We can't possibly go to an election, we'll get our asses kicked."

They're screwed, they can't walk out on this one, or it won't pass, they HAVE to vote in favor of it, and the ones who are going to come out smelling like roses are the few Liberals who actually vote AGAINST it. At least it will show thier voting base they have SOME form of balls.

Tim said...

I wish they would just go to an election and put an end to this bullshit already. It would be the best thing for the Liberal party and Canada. The liberals could then turf Stephane "I'm no leader" Dion, and Canada might actually get an opposition party that will do their job. You know, represent their constituents and actually VOTE yay or nay on bills before the house! That is what they are paid for isn't it...