Friday, January 12, 2007

KOed, Going Dion for the Count

Okay, the title is a bit of a stretch, but....

Call me silly, but if Dion thinks he can win Liberal seats in Alberta by making the following statements:

"I’m not here to kill the milk cow"
"It's a scandal for me as a Liberal that out of 28 riding's in Alberta we have zero seats".
"All these workers living too fast for the easy money in the north, It’s not good for the economy".
Lastly we have this gem, "It’s not at all a carbon tax," Dion insisted, preferring to call it "environmental tax reform."

He is not as bright as I thought.

If Dion keeps up this strategy, I can see the referee standing over Dion, waving his arms, calling in the doc to look after him. It will be a Knock Out for sure! Those 28 scandalous seats, will be a lovely blue for a very long time.

Resources for this post include:
1) NEIL WAUGH -- Edmonton Sun
2) CBC Edmonton
3) The Rutherford show on 630 CHED. Available in the Audio Vault, Fri. Jan. 12 at 9 AM.(free membership required)

Update: Check out Darcey's post at Dust My Broom. The comments are priceless.


Zorpheous said...

"Call me silly"

ok, you're silly, feel better?

Tim said...

Much better... Thank you!

Zorpheous said...

Dion as has much chance as winning seas in Alberta as a Welchman chance in a supernova

DazzlinDino said...

I loved how he tried to explain his carbon credit angle......he never actually did get it right...

Tim said...

Did he get anything right? Did anything he spoke of make you for even one second think... Ya I am gonna vote for this guys party!

Best one I heard all day was over at Dust My Broom in the comments....

"skyclad Says:

January 12th, 2007 at 7:00 pm
“It’s a scandal for me as a Liberal that out of 28 ridings in Alberta we have zero seats

No, no, Dion, you misread your speech, it is’s suppose to say:

‘ It’s because of scandals, that out of 28 ridings in Alberta we have zero seats’ "

ABFreedom said...

After listening to him on the radio, I had no choice but to go have a really huge dump, and flush a LIEberal threw the sewage system.

DazzlinDino said...

Oh great, AB you know that goes right into our drinking water. Now McLellan is going to get elected again.

Tim said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Perish the thought Dazz!