Friday, January 12, 2007

Kuril Islands, Russia 8.2 Earthquake

2007/01/13 04:23:36 (UTC)
Preliminary Magnitude: 8.2
Latitude: 46.7 Longitude: 154.4
Location: east of the Kuril Islands, Russia
529260 3

Japan issues tsunami warning....

A Tsunami Warning is in effect which includes the Alaska coastal areas from Dutch Harbor, Alaska to Attu, Alaska.

A Tsunami Watch is in effect for the British Columbia and Alaska coastal areas from the north tip of Vancouver I., British Columbia to Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

Update: Final Tsunami Warning and Watch #6 issued 01/12/2007 at 11:30PM PST

The Tsunami Warning and Watch are canceled for British Columbia and Alaska.


DazzlinDino said...

I think the mayor of Vancouver should bite the bullet and just move the whole city inland....

Tim said...

Hasn't been a good start to the new year for the west coast that is for sure.... Looks like this one is a dud from what I can see so far from various sites..... but ya never know....