Thursday, April 26, 2007

Baited Boat

I watched a documentary last weekend about organized crime in Montreal. One statement by a former Rock Machine member caught my attention. "We would call the RCMP and tell them of a specific ship coming in that had drugs on board. We would ship a small quantity of drugs on that ship that the RCMP would be focused on. Mean while, another ship would come in unhampered, that would have tons of drugs on it". Why did that statement grab my attention? Just prior to watching that show the big news was that the RCMP had been given a "tip" that there was a ship coming in full of stowaways on it. The RCMP had searched that ship and found nothing. Maybe Interim Commissioner Bev Busson was watching the same show?

Was ship stowaway tip a decoy?

Canadian Press

April 26, 2007 at 5:22 PM EDT

HALIFAX — The Mounties are checking to see if organized crime planted false information to prompt a massive search for stowaways on a container ship that came to Halifax earlier this month.

Interim Commissioner Bev Busson said Thursday she “wouldn't have been surprised” if someone planted information to divert police attention towards the Cypriot-registered Cala Puebla — which became the focus of a massive search involving dozens of police and Canada Border Services Agency officers on April 10. [...]

You would think that the RCMP would have figured this one out by now wouldn't you?


ABFreedom said...

They've been to used to taking orders from the LIEberals ...

Tim said...

Wolves watching the flock does not usually work out too well does it...