Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mankind is Naive

Well at least some of the species are. Some of us have managed to refuse the offerings from the new religious order. Some of us have taken a pass on the drinking of green Kool-Aid. We are the skeptics. We are the deniers. We are the scientists. Yes, I said scientists. Add another reputable scientist to the Dark Side.

“It is extraordinarily difficult to argue that human-induced carbon dioxide has any effect at all,” he said.

Prof Plimer added that as the planet was already at the maximum absorbance of energy of carbon dioxide, any more would have no greater effect.

There had even been periods in history with hundreds of times more atmospheric carbon dioxide than now with “no problem”, he said.

The professor, a member of the Australian Skeptics, an organisation devoted to debunking pseudo-scientific claims, denied his was a minority view.

The professor, who is writing a book on the subject, said he only used validated scientific data, published in reputable peer-reviewed refereed journals, as the basis of his theories.

H/T Dr. Roy's Thoughts


ABFreedom said...

Hmmmm ... seems like the line up on the other side of the debate is now bigger as more and more try to distance themselves from the evil games of the IPCC. When you consider that there are at least 100K scientists in the world, and the IPCC is down to 55, with the vast majority of the 604 being representatives, where's the consensus?

Tim said...

In their collective minds? They really do have a great imagination after all. Would make great fiction writers if you ask me...