Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dis May

Lizzy has taken the time to get out from under the metaphorical sheets with Dion to make an actual politically sounding statement for her party instead of the Liberals.

“I think it's far more likely that Liberals, former Progressive Conservatives and former New Democratic voters are going to coalesce around my campaign as the most effective, high-profile campaign,”

There is no doubt in my mind that this three way race will indeed be a high profile one as the MSM will be watching it very close. How effective her campaign will be, is another story. If it is anything like we have seen so far from May... lets just say it will be a two horse race and the NDP's Louise Lorefice, not May, that will be running neck and neck with MacKay.

She then goes on to add this little bit...

“One more New Democratic member (of Parliament) will make no difference for Central Nova. But the leader of the Green Party of Canada in the House of Commons . . . will make a real difference.”

Using her logic in that statement, which I am sure nobody with a clue about politics will... Congratulations Mr. MacKay for yet another win!


ABFreedom said...

Talk about over confident .. Sheeesh .. I hope she breaks her tail bone win she falls flat on her ass.

Candace said...

Electing a single Green MP, whether in Central Nova or Central Yellowknife, will result in the equivalent of the shock-jock from Quebec - an independent, unable to ask questions in QP, or do much of anything.

Yup. That will make a "real difference," all right.

Tim said...

Perhaps Dion will make another bold move and open a seat in the house right beside him for May to sit as well as be his environment critic!