Monday, April 02, 2007

It Ain't Over yet Folks

Another friend of the past liberal government has a warrant out for his arrest in regards to the sponsorship scandal. You do remember the sponsorship scandal don't you? Thats the one that millions of your hard earned tax dollars were stolen from you by Liberal friendly folks. Oh wait that might not be enough detail as there were so many of those things happening back in the late 90's and early y2k years wasn't there. I know... you certainly will remember everyones favorite ex Prime Minister showing us his golf ball collection during his testimony at the Gomery Inquiry right? I know how bad our memories are, especially when it comes to politics so I will forgive you... a little, if you have forgotten.

An arrest warrant has been issued for former advertising executive Jean Lafleur, one of the key figures in the federal sponsorship scandal, who is facing fraud charges in relation to the program.

Lafleur, the former head of Lafleur Communication Marketing, is facing a 35-count fraud indictment over allegations related to 35 contracts worth $1.6 million.

I know its just pocket change and we should all just move on and all but gosh darn it, I am a conservative and I would really like to see a little more justice in this country.

Conveniently.... Lafleur is MIA and believed to be out of the country. What are the chances that he plans to return any time soon?


Chimera said...

He ain't comin' back if he can help it. He's changed his identity (seriously...he never renewed his driver's license, and his bank account went dormant, as did his rented apartment) and skipped the country. My guess is that he's somewhere in a country where Canada does not have an extradition treaty.

Time to call Dog! I wonder if he does international cases?

ABFreedom said...

He's probably having sushi with M Strong. Talking about the next big future swindle..... Planning.....Laying out the groundwork...... Waiting for the big pardon from the LIEberal government if they come to power again.

Tim said...

I read today that they figure he is somewhere in Latin America????
"Time to call Dog! I wonder if he does international cases?"

The last time Dog went out of the USA to get someone, it did not turn out too well... Mexico wants his ass in one of their jails...

Isn't Strong's little eco church in one of them Latin countries? You may be more right on this one than you think!