Friday, April 06, 2007

One World Government

With all of the fighting going on, on our planet, I think it is time for us to elect a government that represents us all. Yes, a One World Government with one leader who decides everything for us. We humans have shown that we cannot get along in our current system of many governments. Here is my proposal.

Ultimate being/Leader: Mickey Mouse

Finance: Scrooge McDuck

Defense: Buzz Lightyear

Education: Little Einsteins

Health: Popeye

Science: Gyro Gearloose

Environment: The Great Prince of the Forest

Early Children Development: Mary Poppins

Transportation: Lightning McQueen

Law Enforcement: Quick Draw McGraw and his side kick, Baba Looey

Oceans and Fisheries: Mr. Ray

Agriculture: The Tweedy’s

Energy: Charles Montgomery Burns

Add your suggestions in the comments...


Candace said...

Those are all brilliant!

Tim said...

I personally would not go that far.... But if you insist...