Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It ain't worth it

Thats what the liberal government in Ontario think about cleaning up the pollution spewing out of their coal fired power plants.

The Ontario government is formally rejecting the idea of installing anti-pollution scrubbers on its coal-fired electrical stations because of the cost.

That cost is $1.6 billion. Breath easy people of Ontario, as the scrubbers that have been scrubbed, would not reduce CO2 output, just the massive amounts of air pollution they spew.


Candace said...

OK, so they'll supposedly be phased out in 7 years. How many megatonnes of crap will be emitted in that 7 years?


Tim said...

You are not supposed to SPEND megamillions to clean up megatonnes... Dion said we would MAKE megamillions if we did clean up megatonnes. So this is Dions fault!