Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Think for Yourself

Global warming or if you prefer climate change... subscribing to herd mentality

The global warming fad that still has currency is largely the result of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), whose summary of the views of 2,500 "scientists" (not climatologists) blames humans for changes that common sense indicates are more from nature than man-made technology. The Kyoto accord arising from global warming hysteria, is more a wealth distributing boondoggle than a realistic measure to curb greenhouse gases (read, carbon dioxide).[...]

The trouble with the climate change buffs is that they want science to become consensus. That's not how science works. Ask Galileo.[...}

Freeman Dyson of the Urban Renaissance Institute and a Princeton professor, is called a "scientific heretic" because he disputes conventional wisdom about global warming, which he calls "fluff." Computerized models that predict disaster from CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, and the earth's temperature slowly rising, ignore other realities, such as the sun is getting hotter. Other planets, like Mars, are warming.

None of this implies we should not conserve energy, and not waste natural resources that took millions of years to produce. It means that the comfort of consensus should not preclude scientists (and non-scientists) from thinking for themselves.[...]

Sometimes common sense does prevail. Too bad it is in such short supply.


ABFreedom said...

To short of supply, because their still coming at us.... pretty soon you won't be able to light your BBQ. Can you say revolt when that day happens?

Tim said...

You obviously did not read my post on BBQing AB!

That shit is gonna kill you!... lmao