Thursday, April 26, 2007

No Respect

Growing up in the 60's and 70's with a little fear, never hurt me one bit. It did manage to teach me the right perspective though. A little thing called RESPECT, which is sadly lacking in our youth this day and age. I was never abused physically by my parents. Mentally maybe... One simple sentence from my mother would make me straighten out my act in a hurry. "You wait till your father gets home" POOF... instantly I would become a perfect little angel. Not because I was abused, but because I was afraid of being abused... Fear is a great motivator. It was the line in the sand that children at one time understood very well. This also worked quite well at school. The principal at my elementary school was a very big man. Over 6 foot tall and well over 200 pounds. The sight of him was very intimidating although he was a big Teddy Bear. Just knowing if you were to cross the line, you would have to face him and possibly get the strap from this burly man, was usually enough to keep most kids in line. Should you be foolish enough to push the limits, you would learn quickly not to go there again.

Today I read the news and screamed... Are these people for real?

Stephen Thorne, Canadian Press
Published: Thursday, April 26, 2007 Article tools
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Font: * * * * OTTAWA (CP) - Canada should ban spanking and launch an information campaign to ban all forms of corporal punishment, the Senate human rights committee said Thursday.

The committee's report also called on the federal government to develop a strategy to combat bullying and help teach children and their parents how to resolve conflicts without resorting to physical intimidation.

The recommendations were part of document that accused the government of failing to live up to its international obligations by denying children their right to influence government decisions.[...]

"Denying children their right to influence government decisions"? WTF?

Perhaps these enlightened ones would like to give our kids the right to vote. Baby Dawn at 2 weeks old surely can make an informed decision on who would be best suited to run the country... Have any of these people ever raised a child? It is this kind of nutty thinking that is making parenting more difficult and nearly impossible to have any form of discipline. Then they wonder why there is a problem with "bullying" amongst our kids these days. I can tell you why. It is the lack of respect. No respect for authority. No respect for their parents. No respect for teachers. No respect for each other. The worst of all is ... No respect for life!


Justthinkin said...

Ban this,ban that,ban breathing. Sorry nutbars. Ban is actually a deodordant,and as such,should be applied liberally,with a wire brush,to these idiots nether regions. Might stop the crap coming out. Great Tim.They want kids with no idea of anything,except where their next X-box game is coming from,the right to vote? know.That might not be such a bad idea.They can't do any worse then what we have know casting votes!

ABFreedom said...

The first time I got the strap, I was in grade 2. I got the strap at least 12 times in grade six. It did me a hell of a lot of good because it taught me consequences for actions. What a concept. No consequences, no respect .... simple as that. So these nutbars obviously don't want any respect in society.

Tim said...

JT... when I stop laughing re your Ban deodorant comment... maybe I can add something worth while... lmao

Tim said...

AB... A little bit of a slow learner were ya? 12 times in grade 6? Sheeeeeesh... Consequences... what a novel idea... perhaps you should suggest that to some government. It just might work!

Candace said...

The other night, I told my daughter to go to her room (seriously disrespectful). She refused.

So I went to mine, and closed the door in her face, repeatedly. Pissed her right off.

But not as much as it pissed ME off. I have absolutely NOTHING I can (legally) do to promote compliance with house rules. Zero. Zip. Nada. Other than ship her off to her dad's, which I am loathe to do for a gazillion reasons.

WTF has happened here?

Tim said...

Candace... So you punished yourself for the doings of your daughter? I take it that that did not work to well. I know exactly how you feel. Being a single parent and having the child even use the threat of moving in with the ex as extortion. I would simply say... "are your bags packed? I'll go start the car" I wish I could give you some magical advice, but there is no such thing. "Tough love" is the only thing that remotely worked for me.