Monday, April 02, 2007

Gone too Far

The folks at the "Church of Climatology" are really taking things over the deep end now. A large group including Green Peace, Friends of the Earth and four American cities have filed a lawsuit against the government over its funding of overseas projects that may contribute to climate change. The projects include a pipeline from Chad to Cameroon; oil and natural gas projects in Russia, Mexico, Venezuela and Indonesia; and a coal-fired power plant in China.

Whats even worse is that a federal judge has allowed the lawsuit to go ahead.

White accepted the plaintiffs' argument the National Environmental Policy Act, or NEPA, can apply to the U.S.-backed projects overseas. The law requires environmental assessments of proposed domestic projects. The administration had argued that the agencies were exempt from NEPA.

However, White said he did not have enough information to rule on the question of whether the projects at issue constitute a "major federal action" that would significantly affect the environment _ an important criteria for NEPA.

What I want to know is when is this group going to take China, India and other countries to court for their part. My guess is never, as they know they would be thrown in jail or at least laughed out of those countries for even thinking about it. Our western liberal justice system at work folks. Gotta love it.


ABFreedom said...

China and India? .. are you mad? ... they can never go after their masters.... sheeesh...

I'm waiting for that big CO2 report that Tim Ball mentioned on Rutherford today. It debunks EVERYTHING about this CO2 scam, and proves there is NOTHING abnormal going on with it. Were at about 368 ppm, which is actually low. Plants start dying at 200 PPM, and green houses even have to pump it up to 4 times the level to get good plant growth.

Tim said...

I missed Rutherford today...... DANM!
I'll have to keep an eye out for that one.... should be interesting....